July 11, 2001

Sometimes I do wonder whether the irritations that you have to put with in doing free software development is worth the trouble 🙂 Of course there are the instances when a user writes to you and lets you know that they just enjoy your software and that really makes you feel great but for each one of those instances, you have about ten other instances where somebody writes in and tells you that they can’t (and won’t) use your software unless you included a particular feature that they wanted … or write in and tell you to code a really outlandish feature that would bloat the code into truly gargantuan proportions. I sometimes feel like just telling these people to continue using the browser that they want me to emulate – why ask me to do impossible stuff with Scope if you are satisfied with your current browser? Some people even go to the extreme of either saying (or implying) that I owe them something because I coded an app that I distribute for free – I’ve come across this attitude while developing LiteStep as well … and while I am always happy to asisst anybody having problems, when I hear that kind of attitude my reaction tends to be, you get what you paid for it – nothing :p

But enough of this ranting 🙂 I’ve been thinking about Blog enhancements since a few more people have asked for the ability to integrate images into Blog. What I came up with yesterday is something like this: the current right-click context menu will get an additional File Link option and the HyperLink, Image and File Link options will lead to dialog boxes which allow you to specify an item of that particular type and in the case of Image and File Link, also browse for that particular file. Any file that you browse for is added to an internal file list and these files will be uploaded along with your journal entry. However, the list is cleared after a single publication and the files will not be uploaded again the next time you publish the same entry. Would that work for any Blog users out there who wanted this particular feature? If nobody speaks out, I’m just gonna put it in anyway <vbg>

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