July 14, 2001

Yesterday on Silicon Spin they were discussing Microsoft’s decision to allow OEMs to configure the Windows XP desktop and remove the icons for IE from the desktop and Start Menu. Some of the panel participants seemed to think that this wasn’t enough and that Microsoft should actually remove all it’s bundled utilities such as Media Player or at least provide some sort of a mechanism to allow the OEMs or consumers to remove them. While I am not pro-Microsoft by any means (you know what happens when I start off a sentence like that, right? I am going to speak a pro-MS piece :p), this seems to be getting absurd! Now Apple bundles a lot of extra utilities (can anybody say QuickTime or Movie Maker – or whatever it is called? -?) with their OS, does anybody cry foul about that? Do you remember the good ol’ days of DOS when all you had was the OS and you had to pay for each and every utility that you wanted? So what’s wrong with getting a suite of basic utilities? Why do you have to cry foul all the time and then make us – the consumer – pay for it? Does anybody use their brains anymore? :p

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