July 26, 2001

Well, no feedback at all about the new release of Scope except from jugg – so either it is working fine for everybody or nobody cares anymore :p I did find a Dutch site that featured Blog called Planet Download. Since the whole site and the article was in Dutch, I couldn’t understand much of it but I believe they featured Blog as the download of the week. Though I said I didn’t understand much, I actually had this very freaky experience last night when I first looked at the site – since the site was in Dutch, I tried BabelFish but they don’t feature a Dutch to English translator. So I began going through the article and to my surprise it actually seemed to make sense to me. I don’t know whether something was leaking from the air-conditioning unit or the fridge or something and I was zoning out <vbg> or Dutch is an easy language to understand but what I “seemed” to understand from the article was that they said something along the lines of “if you don’t like the online costs from services such as Blogger.com, you should use Blog – its coded by the mad coder Fahim – it sits on the local hard drive on your machine – it also has a client server version” etc. Is my Dutch good or am I inhaling something? :p

Several people that I know mentioned to me that terrorists had bombed the airport in Sri Lanka since I’m planning to go back home in October. Unfortunate as it maybe, this has become a part of life for people in Sri Lanka. Every year there is at least one bombing of a building or a person and the war keeps dragging on in the Northern part of the island. Why can’t anybody understand that there are no winners in a war – only losers? I guess humanity has a long way to go before we will actually start learning from the lessons of the past instead of repeating the same old mistakes over and over again …

I started working on Blog again since I am eager to get the latest feature ideas bubbling in my brain out 🙂 I think I will be able to leave Blog alone for a while once I get the auto-archiving and the ability to link to older entries out of the way since I personally can’t think of any other feature I would want to see in Blog. Of course, then I’ll probably go back to the neglected client-server version of Blog and bring it upto date :p

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