April 15, 2001

Playing PhantasyStar Online

Went back to playing PSO once I got everything else done around the house 🙂 I played for several hours in the evening and went online again as well. I had leveled up enough today to be able to play in the hard mode for the very first time and I immediately gave it a shot <g> It was much harder than I’d imagined and I think I pissed another player who decided to join the game I’d started because he expected an experienced player and I was simply a guy bumbling along :p Oh well, it wasn’t as if I barged in on his game … Plus, I met Malkavian (the guy who invited me into The Vampire Court yesterday) again and he joined the game I was in for a while …

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Blog Fixes

I did some more work on Blog using DBISAM. I do like DBISAM a lot and have decided to not release any further versions of Blog if ElevateSoft says no to my request for a discounted version of the software. Instead, I’ll just continue to develop Blog and use it privately … I know that sucks but I guess that’s how things work out sometimes 🙁

I did find out how much of a newbie to Delphi I’d been when I first started work on Blog about two weeks ago though :p Chris had pointed out to me that the Blog screen would not center properly on his screen and this was due to me not setting a simple property on the main form. I’d gone with the default – which was to use design time settings – and since it was set the way I wanted on *my* screen, the final app looked fine on my screen. It just screws up on screens with different resolutions 🙂 The fix was pretty simple once I found it .. but hey, I’d never used Delphi till two weeks ago <g>

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