April 6, 2001

Indian Music CDs

A co-worker who went to India recently came back a couple of days ago and he had told me that they were selling CDs with MP3s of old Tamil (an Indian language which is also used in Sri Lanka) songs for Rs. 100 (about $2) over there and that you could get them to burn a customized selection on request. He’d got about 14 CDs and he got them for me today 🙂

It was quite a bit of walk down memory lane to listen to those MP3s <g> I hadn’t heard some of those songs since I was about 15 or 16 and some I hadn’t heard in over 20 years! I took the CDs home since I wanted to copy them but unfortunately, either my friend hadn’t taken good care of them (the CDs were given to me in an envelope with no cases …) or the copying hadn’t been a good job because most of the MP3’s gave me CRC errors. Out of the 14 CDs I was able to copy enough files to fill one CD 🙁 Oh well … cest la vie …

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