April 3, 2001

Blog Future Features

Guess anybody who’s waiting for the next Scope release will have to wait a little while longer since I’m having too much fun with Blog … sorry 🙁 I wanted to release Blog as I think a lot of people who maintain web sites will find this to be a very useful utility. However, there are a few things that I need to fix before I can release it.

For instance, Blog currently supports only one journal though it does allow you to post it to multiple sites. I know that the first request once I release it is going to be for multiple journals and since the database structure currently doesn’t support multiple journals, I wanted to build that in before doing a release since otherwise doing it later would mean that I would have to convert all existing databases to the new format. And *that* would mean a new utility and I just don’t want to do the extra code <vbg>

The second feature that people are going to ask for is the ability to collaborate on a journal or to have shared journals. I don’t know whether this would really be possible with the model that Blog is following but I do want to look into the possibility at least …

Then of course, there are all the other stuff involved with doing a new release – documentation, graphics, web page, support options etc. I don’t know how much of it I will get done but I do want to at least do a "Powered By Blog" image for Blog users to put on their sites … I guess I’ll have to take things a step at a time … 🙂 As always, I’ll keep you posted …

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