April 26, 2001

Site and Coding Updates

Things are still going at a pretty hectic pace at work but hopefully they should start slowing down a bit soon – otherwise I’m gonna end up a burnt stub <vbg> Anyway, I did manage to find some time finally to at least update the sidebar on the site so that it would show my Wish List :p I also found the time to start work on Blog and it’s going pretty well actually … I got the MidWare stuff to work with DBISAM and for the first time have the Blog client communicating pretty well with the Server – the only problem is that certain operations like saving an entry or deleting an entry throws up a weird error message even though the operation itself was carried out successfully … Guess, I’ll have to find the cause and fix it before I can release the all-new, slimmed down, client-server version of Blog 🙂

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