April 12, 2001

Site Updates

Well, Scope 1.0 final is finally out! I updated the Scope page slightly, added a new page for Blog, added some more links to the sidebar and generally cleaned out my sites a bit – but not too much :p I’m using the latest Scope and it seems to be behaving pretty well though there are still problems with certain GUI elements – especially the rebar controls but they can wait … Enjoy and let me know what you think 🙂

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Scope 1.0 Released!

Guess what? The long delayed (and hopefully much awaited :p) Scope 1.0 final is finally here 🙂 I completed coding yesterday and then Chris took a look at the final product to see if he could find any bugs that I’d missed. He found one that I thought needed to be fixed and I did that and so it’s redy for release – but before you go dashing off to download it, I have to tell you that it’s not up for downloading yet 🙁 I realized that there was a lot more that I had to do before a release – update the product page, add links on the sidebar for the mailing list and stuff like that … So it might not be till evening today before it is finally released but rest assured that it will be 🙂

I guess some people might have thought that I was putting Scope coding on hold indefinitely because I’d begun work on Blog <g> But rest assured that this is not the case – I will probably be working on both Scope and Blog since I have seen quite a bit of interest in Blog as well and so forsaking my earlier resolution not to do anything further with Blog, I will continue to improve Blog too … In fact, I have been so bugged by the size of the Blog download that I’ve still been searching for a way to reduce the size of the distribution. I have even been tempted to try and buy Delphi Enterprise on eBay (it goes for close to $400) but that really is too much for me to pay for something that I will just use to produce free software … So I guess I’ll just have to keep on looking …

Oh yeah, I did set up a wish list on Amazon.Com 🙂 If anybody is interested (which I kind of doubt <vbg>), you can search the wish list’s on Amazon.Com by my last name or my e-mail address (which appears at the top of the page) and find my wish list … I think I will put up a link to it from the side bar too – just in case 🙂 In fact, I realize that quite a few things are missing from my site and that I need to do a lot of updating – there is no link to the GroupHug mailing list, I probably need another list for Blog (or all of my software besides Scope), I need a product page for Blog and so on … So I guess there’s a lot more that I need to do … Oh welll …

Speaking of updates, I realized that I still don’t have any documentation for Scope at all! Now that I have finally reached a final release, I probably should include at least a text file detailing the features and usage for Scope but I just don’t feel like doing another doc file <g> So if some kind soul out there would like to do an HTML help document for Scope, I’d be glad to compile it into help format and put it under the Help menu – does that sound like a plan?

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