April 10, 2001

Need to Write

Hmm … Blog’s been out for a day and no response from anybody <vbg> I guess nobody has either downloaded it or really found it useful … Oh well … and here I thought that it might actually revolutionize the way that people post :p

I do find the new right-click HTML shortcuts pretty useful … I’ve been putting paragraph tags in by hand till now but now all I do is select a paragraph and right-click and select "Paragrahp" from the context menu and I’m done – not too shabby if I do say so myself …

Anyway, not much going on today at work … the current project I’m working on is still going on … we are supposed to be working on phase 2 at the moment even though phase 1 has not been deployed yet and I’ve completed my stuff on phase 2 and am currently fixing bugs for phase 1 … I’m kinda inclined to go on to phase 3 but it might turn out to be a major mess since too many phases of work at once can become a pretty confusing thing … I guess we shall see …

I was thinking of a story that I’d written half-way a long while back on my way to work. I’d started the first version of the story a long time ago in 1990 but lost it when one of my teachers erased the diskette on which I had the story saved. I restarted it a couple of years ago on my Windows CE 2.0 HPC while waiting for a flight in Las Vegas but never completed it … Recently, when I bought a Targus stowaway keyboard for my iPaq, I added another paragraph to the story but never got around to doing anything further with it … But now it seems to cry out to me <g> So maybe it’s time that I started on it again … but that would mean taking time away from something else like coding or gaming … decisions, decisions!

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