April 4, 2001

Delphi and ADO

I guess I’m going to start ranting today and so I’ll just post the good news here first so that all of you who don’t want to go through my rants can read this and skip the rest :p The good news is that Aaron came home yesterday! Chris told me that he’s home from the hospital and so he’s doing well – thank you all again for your prayers and your concern 🙂

And now for the rant <g> As I mentioned yesterday, I wanted to actually get Blog upto standard so that I could release it and in doing some research I discovered that I could use ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) to perform the database connectivity functions in Blog instead of BDE (Borland Database Engine). Since ADO comes with most of the recent Windows releases (namely Win98 and Windows 2000) most people will have it on their machine already and wouldn’t have to do download all the BDE stuff (which adds about 3 or 4MB to the file size I think …)

So far so good … So I started looking into ADO with Delphi and I discovered that while Delphi Enterprise has ADO components included, I had to shell out about $200 to get them for Delphi Professional. Since I’ve already paid almost that much for Delphi Professional and since I am not using Delphi for anything that makes me any money, I didn’t really see that as something that I should do … and here comes the rant <g> So why can’t people do anything for free anymore? I sometimes feel as if I am the only one doing stuff for free and that I should stop wasting my time and do something else with it …

Now I know that I shouldn’t feel that way as I’ve met plenty of other people who do stuff for free and there have been a lot of people who wrote in to tell me that they appreciate what I do and then there’s sinesolis who spent a lot of his time to do graphics for Scope for free … but still, there are days when I feel like this – hey, I’m only human 🙂

I searched around quite a bit for ADO Delphi components and found quite a few of them but all of them were selling for around $40-$200 or even more … I guess, I am in a minority of people who don’t think money is everything … Oh well … I’m off to try and figure out whether I could still use ADO to do what I want to do or whether I should just stick with BDE and hoep for the best … I’ll keep you updated ….

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