April 7, 2001

Phantasy Star and Blog

I’ve been feeling really out of things and not even in the mood for coding … So I decided to just give things a rest and just relax today 🙂 I played "Phantasy Star Online" after quite a long time and was even able to bump my mag upto level 50 – yay!!

I wasn’t able to play too much today since I had decided to attend to quite a few chores around the house that I’d been putting off for a long time. Once I got through with the chores, I really felt like doing some coding and so sat down with the code for Blog. I added the archive feature so that I could specify a date range and Blog will create files (named by date) for those old entries and also create a main table of contents file which would link to all those files. Of course, since I might be building just a sub-set of my archives, the table of contents file code had to make sure that it created links even for dates which might not have been included in the current archival run.

The coding was not too bad and it actually worked after the first few bug fixes <vbg> Of course, it didn’t work perfectly in the sense that I asked the archiver to build entries for two weeks and while it did the table of contents right and build the archive file for the first week, it didn’t do anything for the second week … I was not in the mood to do much further debugging and so went on to code another feature – a right-click context menu in the Blog edit window so that I won’t have to type in common HTML code like paragraph, line break, hyperlink, image etc. That seemed to work pretty fine right off the bat and so I decided to give coding a rest for the time being …

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