April 23, 2001

Lots More Work

Things have been so hectic at work since the project launch on Saturday that I haven’t had much time to update this journal … We worked till around 10:00 PM on Saturday and actually got the launch off without a hitch 🙂 Even though the launch went off fine, there were still things to be cleaned up and fixes to be run and processes to be monitored – so I was kept busy most of today too during the day …

During the evening I decided to kick back and relax with a nice session of Phantasy Star Online (in offline mode <vbg>) I had played a lot of PSO on Sunday and I met another really nice person online named Whiplash (and no, it’s not what it sounds like :p) This guy actually gave me a really good weapon and also took the time to see to it that I could actually use the weapon. In fact, he got several rare items for me so that my character’s stats could be bumped up high enough for me to use the weapon (a spread needle) that he gave me.

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