April 1, 2001

More Jot

I’ve been working on and off the whole day on Jot and it’s coming along great though not so fast as yesterday’s work on the GUI 🙂 Today I completed the GUI in the morning and since then have been working on the actual functionality and since that gets into the area of writing more than two lines of code for the first time <g> I had to go through learning a bit about Delphi code. I have however got the whole thing working except for the actual template replacement and I just did a test of the FTP stuff and overwrote my Tripod site’s main page with a simple text file … Ooops 🙂

Well, at least now I know that Jot really does work It has the ability to handle multiple sites and multiple templates for those individual sites and all of that seems to work fine. This way, you can have the same posts on several different sites and each of those sites could have an entirely different look – a pretty intriguing idea actually … I might just decide to have different looks for each of my mirrors once I get Jot working just for the heck of it <vbg>

The only things that remain to be done are template substitution and automated archiving and then Jot should be ready for prime time. I’m really happy about how easy it was to get an app coded and out the door with Delphi – if I’d tried to code Jot in C++, it probably would have taken me about two weeks of work 🙂 Of cours, the downside is that the final product is prett huge … The Jot executable itself comes to around 1MB and I know that it will also need the BDE (Borland Database Engine) plus probably some other run time files as well … But for the moment, I’m not even sure I will be distributing Jot since that would mean that I would have to support and develop two different apps at the same time … But then again, if it functions really well, I just might release it since this will make web site maintainence and updating a breeze ….

Hmm … Blogger doesn’t want to seem to want to work with me today … Good thing I’m working on Jot to replace it then <vbg> I’ve been trying to make this post for the last 15 minutes and my web site doesn’t update with this post at all … Oh brother!

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The Beginning of Jot/Blog

Sometimes, I don’t understand the way I do things myself <vbg> Well, OK, I exaggerate but take today for instance … I’d been planning to work on Scope this weekend but yesterday I began thinking how great it would be to have a standalone app that worked like Blogger but had some of the features that I missed in Blogger like being able to post for past dates and being able to update multiple sites with the same entry.

I kind of tossed the idea around in my head last night and then today when I got up in the morning, I was even more inclined to do it. I’d gone over to a computer show in Novi yesterday where I’d seen a copy of Delphi 5.0 Professional for sale and today I just went over again to Novi on a whim and bought the Delphi package. I spent several hours at the show and came home around 4 o’clock. Since then, except for a couple of breaks to cook dinner, eat and watch "First Wave" on the Sci-Fi channel, I’ve not budged from my computer 🙂

I’ve already got most of the GUI working for my app (which I’m calling Jot at the moment – though I may change the name since I believe there is already another app named Jot out there …) as you can see from this screenshot:

Now I know I’m going to spend most of tomorrow getting the rest of the app working as well … Then it probably will be good-bye to Blogger from my site since I can do what Blogger does (and more) with Jot 🙂 Oh well … I guess, I can always get back to Scope in a week or so <g> And to think I didn’t even know Delphi when the day began …. 🙂

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