April 5, 2001

More ADO and Blog Updates

I tried one freeware ADO component for Delphi that I could find on the Net yesterday with Blog but it wouldn’t even work … I then tried converting my database structure to FoxPro since I’ve been using FoxPro since I began coding but then realized that Paradox had one thing that FoxPro missed – an autoincrement field type <g> It could have been implemented pretty easily in FoxPro via code though but I decided not to bother as I already have quite a few entries in my existing Paradox tables and I have no tools for moving them over to FoxPro – unless I write a utility in Delphi and I don’t want to do that … too lazy 🙂 Incidentally, I hadn’t realized that Paradox was still around as a database tool <g> The last I had heard of Paradox as a database app was a very long time ago – the most memorable being the little easter egg that FoxPro (or was it Access) had of two ducks (pair o’ ducks, get it? <g>) getting hit by lightning …

Anyway, I decided not to try for journal sharing (via TCP/IP) and not to convert the database format to FoxPro. I did manage to get multiple journal support into Blog and so it seemed to me yesterday that Blog was ready for releasing. I even did a build and it came to around 5.25MB with the BDE engine 🙁 Then I realized that I didn’t have archive building completed yet and so I decided to add that as well before I did a release – why do half a job? Of course, then I thought a bit more about it and realized another cool thing would be the ability to add HTML skeletons in the edit window – you know, for stuff that you use all the time – hyperlinks, images, paragraphs, bold, italics, line breaks etc. So I want to do that too and then call Blog a done deal … I guess I’m gonna have another busy weekend <vbg>

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