April 17, 2001

New Blog with DBISAM

Guess what? I got the full version of DBISAM yesterday (or actually my password to download the full version) and I installed it today, recompiled Blog and converted my existing data and it works like a charm 🙂 In fact, I’m making this entry into a DBISAM table instead of the Paradox tables I used earlier … I had initially thought of releasing a new build of Blog today itself since the new distribution is less than half the size of the original 5MB download … but then I realized that the table structures would change again since now I have the ability to have shared journals …

So I’ve decided to hold off on a new release till I can at least get minimal multi-user support in so that anybody who uses Blog will not have to run a utility to convert their existing data – of course, if any of you are currently using Blog and do want to keep your entries when switching over to the new format, let me know and I will write a simple utility to do the task – but I don’t want to have to write multiple utilities 🙂

Speaking of utilities, I’ve already got my next project (yes, another one <vbg>) already planned … I was trying to find a good (and free) SMTP server yesterday since I can’t access the SMTP server of my ISP from work and I can’t (and don’t want to …) send personal e-mail through the work SMTP server. But would you believe it that I couldn’t find even one that had all the features that I wanted? 🙂 The closest that I came to was ArgoSoft Mail Server and that is missing one important feature – the ability to auto-detect my DNS server. So I will probably try to write a quick and easy SMTP server which will let you send out e-mail without actually needing another SMTP server to relay through … but then again, none of my projects turn out to be quick <vbg>

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