April 2, 2001

Blogger Entries Disappeared

Hmm … either Blogger is having a lot more trouble since their upgrade than I thought our Evan Williams (CEO of Blogger) is more responsive to e-mails than I thought 🙂 I’d e-mailed Evan a couple of days ago since I’d noticed that he’d mentioned Scope on his site some time before I actually started using Blogger – the coincidence kinda amused me … He responded almost immediately and then I wrote to him today to tell him that I won’t be using Blogger anymore since I’d started using Blog. And now I tried to use my Blogger account to remove certain things from there and I find that while I can see my entries – I can’t edit them or change any settings … coincidence? I don’t know <g>

On another front, I started building an InstallShield setup of Blog to see how big the final package would be and while the Blog.exe itself is less than 400k, the Borland Database Engine and other files that I thought might be needed totalled to almost 6MB … I don’t know whether I really want to do a release like that 🙂 But I guess I’d better first test over here and see if it really works and also whether I need all the files that I *thought* I might need <g> Of course, since I still don’t even have any good graphics for Blog (I’m using some default stuff …) it probably will take a couple of days before I can actually do a release ….

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Blog Fixes

Well, now that I’ve finally got Blog working the way I want, back to normal business 🙂 First of all, a big sorry to all of you who wrote to me but I didn’t have time to respond to over the weekend as I went into the throes of coding <vbg> Now that I’ve finally got the coding urge out of my system, I will start responding to my e-mail … soon … I promise 🙂

A little bit of good news – Chris (Aaron’s uncle) tells me that he seems to be responding well to chemotherapy. He said that Aaron’s white cell count has gone down drastically as well. I’m sure that all of your prayers had an effect. Thank you for your concern and for caring!

Oh I forgot to mention that I did fix the sub-directory changing problem with Blog. Now Blog also has the option where I can specify a directory for an FTP site so that Blog will first switch to that directory before uploading the journal file. Now I can update all three of my sites at once – I’m ecstatic <vbg> Well, I’m off to start on those e-mails …

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More Blog

All right!!! It actually worked 🙂 Except of course for my RazorSys mirror since my files there have to be in a sub-directory and I had no provision in the FTP section of Blog for changing directories or for specifying a directory … I guess I’ll now have to work on building that in but other than that, it seems to work great <g>

I’ve also managed to tweak the file compilation so that the executable file is down from around 1MB to a pretty svelte 340k 🙂 Of course, I still have no idea how to do a distribution set up from Delphi so that it picks up all the necessary files – or even if that is possible with Delphi but I guess that can wait … I do definitely want to distribute Blog because this is going to make web site maintainance such a breeze and I’m already loving the ease of use of Blog but normal users might find a few of the rough edges on Blog a bit grating <vbg> So I intend to polish things up a bit, figure out how to do a complete installer setup and then put Blog up for download … Back to work for me 🙂

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Jot Becomes Blog

This might actually be my very first post with Blog (I’ve renamed Jot to Blog since there are way too many apps out there named Jot <vbg>) … I’ve put some of my older posts from Blogger into my database for Blog and am going to give this a shot and see if it works … It has been performing pretty well today on all the tests I ran on it but this is the first real live test for Blog (other than for the FTP test that I ran yesterday that is …) Here goes … 🙂

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