July 28, 2001

Still haven’t started coding the new version of Gossip 🙁 I want to code but I also feel reluctant to begin anything new … plus, I’ve been looking into how best I could do some XML parsing since a major feature of the current Gossip is its ability to parse RSS 0.9 format news backend files. Unfortunately, Gossip chokes on post 0.9 format RSS files … so I need to make the XML file parsing a bit more versatile to handle any version of the RSS format. I have been thinking about that but haven’t really done much – not even get online to do some research …

Heard from Tyran Ormond who pointed out several bugs in the current releease of Blog which is causing him headaches at his site. I frequently have this problem of thinking things through only from my perspective and that’s what happened at least in one instance – I assumed (which is always a bad thing <g>) that everybody will be publishing their journals with a .HTM extension and so all archived entries have that extension. Unfortunately, Tyran is using some PHP code to facilitate comments and so his files had to have a PHP extension and guess what? Blog doesn’t support that!! I did some quick reworking and got him a build which fixed the problem but I got to thinking about it and realized that the arhicved file extension should not be a global value but rather a per site value since you might want one extension for one site and anoter for another site just as you might want different templates for different sites. The quick and dirty fix that I did for Tyran was a global solution but I’m going to recode things to make it a site specific value. Of course that means another database change and another menu entry added to the Blog Data Conversion Utility – what else is new? :p

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