July 27, 2001

OK Blog 3.0 is finally ready for release though just as I was getting the docs ready, I realized that there was a little tiny hole in how things work <g> I have added a new tab to the Journal Management dialog and the old Journals tab is now actually the Sites tab while the new Journal tab allows you to define individual journals and modify certain attributes for each journal – confusing, huh? Anyway, that particular journal and site set up has problems when you delete stuff … so I guess it was a good idea to call this Blog 3.0 Beta 1 since I can fix that in the final release :p

A word of caution to those who are existing Blog users! Blog 3.0 modifies the database structures again and so you will need to download the Blog Data Conversion Utility and convert your existing data before you can use Blog 3.0. I am not going to give versioning numbers for the Data Conversion Utility but what’s there now is a newer version than what was released for Blog 2.5 – so you do need to download it again. You should see a new Convert menu option for Blog 2.5 -> 3.0 … if not, you have the wrong version of the convert utility.

Another thing that you might notice if you’re upgrading to Blog 3.0 is that your menu bar does not appear or that the toolbars don’t appear. This probably will happen if you copied over only the Blog.exe and not the Blog.cfg file. You can either delete your existing Blog.cfg file and let Blog recreate it for you or copy over the one in the Blog 3.0 distro. Either way, you will lose your toolbar customizations 🙁 But I promise I’ll try not to do that again …

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