July 27, 2001

Guess what? Blog 3.0 is done!! (Do I hear cries of “Noooo!!”, “Really?”, “That fast?” etc? Probably not :p) I have all the major features that I wanted to have for Blog 3.0 and in the process basically exhausted all the list of features that I had for Blog <g> So unless somebody else comes up with some new ideas or I start getting fresh ideas, I’ll be leaving Blog alone for a while and move onto some of my other neglected apps like Gossip for instance 🙂 I’ll probably release Blog 3.0 today as a beta though I think it is stable enough to qualify as a final release … But there is one thing I’d still like to add but am not sure how to proceed with – the customization of archival links. Currently archival links are just two dates separated by a hyphen to say that that particular link points to entries for dates in that range but that seems umm … not very user-friendly. Of course I could give an option so that you can at least format how the two dates looks to your taste but is that all? Would anybody need any other customization – perhaps some specific text in front of each link or the ability to display just the beginning date or the ending date? If anybody uses the archives much (besides me) let me know and I’ll try to include that as well for the Blog 3.0 final release.

Speaking of new stuff, Jay Mendoza suggested that I do a News Reader 🙂 I am kind of tempted by the idea. Actually sinesolis suggested a long time back that I make Scope kind of a super-Internet tool which integrates an instant messenger, a browser and what not <g> While a news reader will fit in right there, I’d rather have the components separate if I do decide to create a news reader – it is an intriguing thought … I’m gonna let it simmer in my brain and see what transpires …

I heard from an old friend from the BBS days back in Sri Lanka. I hadn’t heard from him in ages – actually not since I left Sri Lanka but suddenly he appeared out of the blue in ICQ! It was good catching up and to think back to the good old days … are the good old days as good as we think they are or is it just us trying to escape from the reality of the present? I’m not sure …

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