July 18, 2001

My computer at work went on the blink yesterday and so I had some spare time on my hand – so I decided to integrate the spiffy new icons that sinesolis had whipped up into Blog. It started off simply enough as just a project to change the exsiting Blog icons but then I thought, “Hey, I should make the toolbars customizable so that the user can add or remove buttons from the toolbar!” I started on that for the new Edit toolbar (not the main toolbar) but once I got that done, I wanted to modify the main toolbar as well. So I did that too and then I thought of adding the functionality to make the changes persistent – so I did :p It went on and on like that with me expanding on the toolbar functionality till I ended up with a pretty different Blog than I’d started with <vbg> Of course there are some problems – the main toolbar does not resize if you add captions to the buttons and so you can’t see the full toolbar and I’m not sure whether I’ll find the time to fix that or whether I’ll simply release Beta 2 of Blog 2.5 and then try to fix it by Beta 3. I guess you’ll just have to wait and see :p

Spent the evening watching the second part of “RoboCop: Prime Directives” and verily it was good :p The story is still progressing well though there are quite a few new characters and I actually had a couple of villains that I was able to actively dislike 🙂 Seems as if that hasn’t happened in a long while <g>

One final thing I realized while driving to work today that I hadn’t done my usual pitch about smiling in a while since the GroupHug mailing list has been dormant for a couple of months 🙂 So here goes – please smile at at least one person today and you just might be rewarded with a smile in return – who knows, maybe we’ll start a domino reaction of smiles that will make everybody’s day a little bit brighter 🙂

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