July 15, 2001

Did I mention that I heard from sinesolis recently? His online story at NobodySpecial.com had not been updated for a while and I was beginning to think he’d dropped off the face of the earth when he suddenly reappeared. He’d moved and so I guess was offline for a bit but now he’s back and he’s already done a new button for Scope to support the new No New Window toggle button I was talking about. I asked him if he would do some new buttons for Blog and today I received a conceptual screenshot from him which I personally think is great 🙂 It gives a completely new and exciting look to Blog than the old, drab buttons I had put in did <vbg> In case you are wondering what the new buttons look like, here they are:

I watched “Unbreakable” yesterday – it’s M. Night Shyamalan’s next movie after “The Sixth Sense” and he still retains the same brilliant touch. Reviews that I had read seemed to suggest that “Unbreakable” was much slower paced than “The Sixth Sense” but I really didn’t notice it because the story moves along rapidly. In fact, I was so engrossed by the story that I watched it in one sitting on DVD! The last time I recall doing that was when I watched “Magnolia” and that was a great story too!! In fact, I was beginning to think that I was becoming jaded and that the fact that I wasn’t enjoying new movies was my fault but “Unbreakable” proved that it wasn’t so – I just hadn’t seen any good movies lately :p I won’t say anything much about the story itself in case I spoil it for somebody else but it is a darn good movie – the only thing I didn’t like was the fact that it seemed to end a bit abruptly. Night Shymalan says on the DVD that it was actually a first act that played out as a full feature but I see it more like a pretty good first and second act but a very brief third act which leaves us wanting a longer conclusion or at least a sequel so that we will know what happened next …

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