July 12, 2001

What do you know? I was actually able to get the work that needed to be completed on Blog 2.5, get the Beta 1 documentation ready and the distro done and it’s not even evening yet :p This release is still missing one more major feature I wanted to add – a sort of an upload manager which shows the currently queued extra files (added via the image and file link dialogs) and allows you to add to the list or remove stuff from the list. That will probably be added in Beta 2. I haven’t exhaustively tested the new additions (hence the Beta title <g>) but wanted to get this release out the door fast because about half of the few Blog users out there (I mean two people <vbg>) have asked for these particular features or something like them … Download links are in the side bar and Downloads page. Enjoy!

On an unrelated note, I was kind of amused and kind of hmm … disappointed? (not quite …) enraged (not at all :p) disgusted? (not really …) … can’t exactly put my finger on the word … I guess irritated would be the closest … to see some comments by certain NetCaptor users in response to a comment made by a Scope user on the BetaNews Scope page. Why do we have to get into petty arguments like this? Those who like Scope like Scope and those who like NetCaptor like NetCaptor … Live and let live 🙂

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