July 4, 2001

A couple of things have changed in Scope already since yesterday’s Beta release 🙂 For one, I discovered when a web page is closed by JavaScript, the browser session closes but the Scope tab for that session is not removed <g> I fixed that and added an option that people have been asking for a while – to give focus to the address bar on F6.

I was debating with myself as to whether I should re-release Beta 1 with the new enhancements and perhaps some documentation (I had thought up until recently that I had some documentation with Scope but I was wrong :p I guess I thought Scope was simple enough to understand without any docs <vbg>) Then today I received a bug report which definitely will result in a new build if it is indeed happening – a user told me that he said No to the standard “Make Scope the default browser?” question and that Scope still made some registry changes. That is not something I want and I hadn’t noticed it since I always have Scope set as my default browser. I am going to do some checking today and if it is indeed messing with your registry when you tell it not to, I apologize in advance and there should be a new build out by evening … I probably won’t call it Beta 2 though … or maybe I should to just stop confusing everybody … 🙂

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