April 2, 2001

Blogger Entries Disappeared

Hmm … either Blogger is having a lot more trouble since their upgrade than I thought our Evan Williams (CEO of Blogger) is more responsive to e-mails than I thought 🙂 I’d e-mailed Evan a couple of days ago since I’d noticed that he’d mentioned Scope on his site some time before I actually started using Blogger – the coincidence kinda amused me … He responded almost immediately and then I wrote to him today to tell him that I won’t be using Blogger anymore since I’d started using Blog. And now I tried to use my Blogger account to remove certain things from there and I find that while I can see my entries – I can’t edit them or change any settings … coincidence? I don’t know <g>

On another front, I started building an InstallShield setup of Blog to see how big the final package would be and while the Blog.exe itself is less than 400k, the Borland Database Engine and other files that I thought might be needed totalled to almost 6MB … I don’t know whether I really want to do a release like that 🙂 But I guess I’d better first test over here and see if it really works and also whether I need all the files that I *thought* I might need <g> Of course, since I still don’t even have any good graphics for Blog (I’m using some default stuff …) it probably will take a couple of days before I can actually do a release ….

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