April 1, 2001

The Beginning of Jot/Blog

Sometimes, I don’t understand the way I do things myself <vbg> Well, OK, I exaggerate but take today for instance … I’d been planning to work on Scope this weekend but yesterday I began thinking how great it would be to have a standalone app that worked like Blogger but had some of the features that I missed in Blogger like being able to post for past dates and being able to update multiple sites with the same entry.

I kind of tossed the idea around in my head last night and then today when I got up in the morning, I was even more inclined to do it. I’d gone over to a computer show in Novi yesterday where I’d seen a copy of Delphi 5.0 Professional for sale and today I just went over again to Novi on a whim and bought the Delphi package. I spent several hours at the show and came home around 4 o’clock. Since then, except for a couple of breaks to cook dinner, eat and watch "First Wave" on the Sci-Fi channel, I’ve not budged from my computer 🙂

I’ve already got most of the GUI working for my app (which I’m calling Jot at the moment – though I may change the name since I believe there is already another app named Jot out there …) as you can see from this screenshot:

Now I know I’m going to spend most of tomorrow getting the rest of the app working as well … Then it probably will be good-bye to Blogger from my site since I can do what Blogger does (and more) with Jot 🙂 Oh well … I guess, I can always get back to Scope in a week or so <g> And to think I didn’t even know Delphi when the day began …. 🙂

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