August 31, 2002

I take back whatever I said about Delphi 7.0 the other day :p While there might not be that many visible improvements from a general coding standpoint, the web development area has been vastly improved with the inclusion of IntraWeb controls. Now you can build a web-based front-end for a corporate database using Delphi controls (or rather their web equivalents) and utilizing Delphi code! I found it to be much simpler than working with Visual Studio .NET to do the same task since the data access controls in Delphi seemed much easier to use (at least to me) than their Visual Studio .NET equivalents. Of course, there is the Delphi for .NET preview included with the Delphi 7.0 release but since I really don’t do that much with .NET, I’ve decided not to look into that for the moment.

Oh yes, while I did complain about GExperts not being available in Delphi 7.0, that was not exactly right :p I went over to the GExperts mailing list on Yahoo and discovered that there is actually a pre-release build of the next version which supports Delphi 7.0. I installed it and it seems to work fine on my machine and so my UI is back to being usable in Delphi :p Now if DBISAM would just release a Delphi 7.0 version of their database components, I can simply switch over to Delphi 7.0 for all my development work. But till then, I guess I’ll stick with 6.0 🙂

I’ve added a bunch of sites to the list of sites using Blog this week. It looks as if suddenly Blog is being discovered by a lot of people and I have no idea why this should be happening at the moment. In fact, I’ve even been discovering older sites that used Blog but are no longer being maintained, now :p I’ve decided not to add those sites to the list since I see little point to it but then again by the same token, I probably should remove some of the sites at the bottom of the list since they are no longer maintained either. Ah well … call me quirky – I just like to keep some of the early adopters of Blog around 🙂 Of course, that’s not to say that all the early adopters are now inactive since Phil, Tyran and Jason (among a lot more, of course – sorry I can’t mention you all by name …) are still very much active. BUt I hardly seem to find the time to read other people’s Blogs these days except in passing 🙁

Speaking of time, I haven’t had the time to do any further work on Blog 7.0 and I haven’t received any suggestions on the Tags:
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