August 14, 2002

Yesterday was the birthday of one of my colleagues (a member of my team actually …) and he invited some of us from work for dinner. I was supposed to go there with my friend Robin and so I went over to his place to meet up with him. His Mom asked me where I was going and I said that it was to a birthday party and she goes “But Christopher said that you were going to a farewell party?” (his Mom calls him Christopher because that’s his given name – Robin is actually a sort of a non-hyphenated combination last name …). I knew there must have been some reason for Robin to say that he was going to a farewell party and so I tried to sort things out by appearing to be a total git who didn’t know why the party was being held :p Since, I normally appear scatterbrained to most people anyway – it wasn’t too hard <vbg>

Incidentally, Robin and his family are Jehovah’s Witnesses and they had some people from their church over when I went over there … So when I asked Robin about it later, he tells me that members of their faith don’t celebrate birthdays and while he and his family aren’t really strict about it themselves, that his family doesn’t like to sort of lose face in front of other members of the church and so that he’d told them that he was going to a farewell party to ease the situation. And then of course, I had to come along, blurt out the birthday party bit and spoil the whole thing :p Of course, Robin’s Mom called him and asked him about the whole thing later while I was there and he was able to patch things up by telling her that I was totally clueless about most things and that I’d got it wrong <g>

Anyway, we went for the party and had a pretty good time. Of course, the bad part was that I didn’t get home till after 12:30am and then had to get up again around 6 o’clock for morning prayers 🙁 I know I’m going to have to make up for the lost sleep some time this week unless I’m to walk around like a zombie 🙂 The good thing of course is that the weekend is almost here … Darn, where does the week go these days?

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