August 7, 2002

This seems to be my week to receive gifts 🙂 Aaron Freeman had told me a while back that he’d sent me “The Replacements” off my wish list, a few weeks back. Well, it arrived yesterday and since “The Replacements” was a movie I enjoyed very much on the first viewing, I’m looking forward to the second viewing with all the extras – thanks a lot Aaron! (And if you’re reading this, I hope you were able to sort out the comments problem – I haven’t received a reply to my last e-mail to you and while I keep on meaning to go over to your site and check out the comments again, I keep on forgetting :p) Incidentally, my apologies to Mark and Nigel for not updating the Hall of Fame with the gifts they sent till now – again, I’ve been meaning to but kept on forgetting … It should be done now – unless of course, I forget to upload it :p

Speaking of gifts, thank you one and all for gifts of another kind – your wisdom and insight 🙂 I was feeling kind of low on Monday when I whinged about the current situation with my parents and stuff and forgotten (or had not thought of …) quite a few of the things each and every one of you mentioned in your comments. I appreciate the concern and the moral support – I’m feeling much better now 🙂

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