August 28, 2002

Work is turning in to Meetingsville these days :p We had three meetings yesterday, I have three more scheduled for today and another for tomorrow! Now I have nothing against meetings as long as they are quick, to-the-point and efficient but unfortunately, the ones at work are anything but. Usually, we ramble on about stuff, everybody talks at once on different things and after a while, the meeting degenerates into a gossip session – and mind you, I’m talking about high-level managerial meetings here. Two of my meetings yesterday were kind of like that but fortunately, the ones today shouldn’t be so bad since I’m holding them :p The reason for all the meetings is that they’re restructuring things at the company since my team has finally completed the project we were on – so, now they have split my team up in to several different teams and put me in charge of all of them :p Now, I handle three teams doing weekly newspaper pages in three different languages, a team in charge of the company web site, a team to produce promos and trailers and a team to come up with a pilot for a new program – and I’m holding meetings with almost all these teams today 🙁

But on to coding news – though the news isn’t much better there :p After a blazing start on Blog 7.0, things have sort of bogged down. I did manage to complete the new UI to accommodate the entry categorization feature and also snuck in a little grid to display any comments (only remote of course …) for that particular entry. The categorization feature allows multiple categories per entry and to make things easier, I added the category management in to the same UI – now it’s a real mix of things and looks a bit clumsy and crowded but hopefully it should work. But work is what it doesn’t do at the moment :p At least, the multiple category selection and saving of the selections wasn’t working yesterday but I’d just completed the initial code and so I’ll probably be able to get it going today.

The long delay was due to the fact that I couldn’t find any component which would display the contents of a table in a selectable listbox that could be worked with easily. So I finally had to write my own data aware version of the listcheckbox (or is it checklistbox?) control which displays all the category records from the category table in a list box and allows you to select any by placing a checkmark next to the ones you want. It works fine as far as looks go but my initial work in getting it to actually change selections on entry changes wasn’t working. Hopefully, I can sort it out today …

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