August 6, 2002

I received another gift from my wish list 🙂 This time it was a birthday gift from Mark but unfortunately, it doesn’t say which Mark it is and there are several Marks I’ve communicated with about Blog over the last few months and so I’m not sure whom I should thank. But thank you Mark! The book on Delphi troubleshooting will prove to be invaluable – I know it 🙂 As I’ve said before, it’s a really nice feeling to come home and find that there’s a gift for you – it sort of lets me know that I have friends that I’ve never met, somewhere in the world 🙂

As for coding, I haven’t really had much of a chance to work on any code related stuff. I really should release Blog 6.1 and get on with stuff so that I can move on to working on Blog 7.0, for which the feature list keeps on getting longer (and yes Nigel, the digest feature is in there :p). I don’t like to bundle too many features in one release because then it becomes harder to spot the bugs and any inadvertent behaviour changes that I may have made but I’d like to also get in all the features that are currently planned. So I guess it’s imperative that I get to work soon …

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