August 27, 2002

Alfred is an antithesis to the people that I ranted about yesterday 🙂 He first wrote to me with a problem with getting Blog to FTP out correctly and he told me that he’d read all the documentation and the FAQ. We exchanged e-mails but the problem suddenly disappeared by itself. He then wanted some help with templates and I simply told him that he needed to know HTML and that if he wanted to use skins from BlogSkins, that he’d need to convert them from Blogger format to Blog. That’s all he needed since he’s managed to get his site up and running on his own after teaching himself HTML. You can see his site here. Way to go Alfred 🙂

Something that Phil mentioned in a comment was the remote template feature. Now this is something that even I forget about most of the time since I have not changed the look of my site ever since I started it :p But if you are somebody who is constantly changing the look of your site, then you probably find the template editing features in Blog pretty limiting – especially in this day and age of WYSIWYG HTML editors :p If you prefer to do your page layout in an external editor, you can use the remote template feature and simply link to the remote file and while the Blog tags might look strange in your editor (or they might even be tagged as non-HTML), you’ll be able to do the page layout much better. Of course, I now don’t remember whether any changes you make in the Template editor are merged back to the remote file but that should be simple enough to discover, right? :p

Another thing I keep on meaning to mention but forget to is that Scope now works with Mozilla again – and no, I didn’t do a new build of Scope :p Sometime around Mozilla build 0.91 or so, Mozilla stopped working with Scope but recently a user told me that he had Mozilla 1.0 working with Scope. So I ran Scope and tried to open a Mozilla window – nothing! So I re-registered the mozctlx.dll control and tried it and it works like a charm! So I guess something must have been broken for a while and it got fixed since I didn’t do any changes to Scope – but it’s good to be able to browse using either engine again 🙂

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