August 13, 2002

The much anticipated (I don’t really think so :p) and the much delayed Blog 6.1 still keeps on trudging forward. Tyran found a bug with the new BlogNext and BlogPrevious tag code in that sometimes it points to the main page instead of the next or previous page. I did some debugging and realized that this was because of a logical bug in the code which would mostly crop up only if you were using Monthly archives. That’s fixed now. At the same time, Tyran suggested an improvement to the HTML code snippet feature – to place the cursor between the beginning and end tags if no text was selected in the edit window. Did that too. I think I am ready to release Blog 6.1 unless Tyran (or Phil – to whom I still haven’t got the beta yet actually :p) find any more bugs.

I’d like to run through a full private beta cycle before I release Blog 6.1 since that way I can be sure of not having to do an interim bug-fix release while I work on Blog 7.0. The next release is going to involve quite a few major changes and depending on what has been completed – it might be awkward to try to release a bug-fix release in the middle of development. Of course, there is the alternative of fixing the code from the 6.1 release and then migrating the changes to the work-in-progress code as well but I always hated that approach since there is the possibility of missing something and introducing a new bug. Anyway, everything’s moving along – slowly yet surely.

Incidentally, for those of you waiting for PostMan – no, that project has not been dropped :p Nevrona released Indy 9.0 final a few weeks ago and so I can really get to work on PostMan but I want to do the Blog 7.0 release before I get to that just because of the enormity of the changes for Blog 7.0 – I just don’t think I can hold all those ideas inside my head :p Plus, I don’t anticipate any major changes to Blog after 7.0 – at least, not at the moment <g> – and so I’ll have more time to devote to another major project such as PostMan 🙂

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