August 24, 2002

Thursday was a holiday here and we got Friday off from work since they wanted to do some repairs to the building – that would have mean four days of idleness … or coding <g> but neither was to be 🙁 My parents wanted to go to Kandy on Thursday and then not return to Colombo the very same day because there was the matter of obtaining a driver’s license for me on Friday for which we would have to go back almost to Kandy. Incidentally, I didn’t realize how much of a problem the whole American system of impounding all other driver’s licenses belonging to a person was till I got back to Sri Lanka and had to get a license again. Anyway, we spent the night in Kurunegala since that’s closer to Kandy than to Colombo and we have a house there and then learnt on Friday that the guy who was to help us with the license was on leave. So much for that!

We got back yesterday evening and I’ve been working on Blog on and off since then but not much in the way of progress I’m afraid 🙁 I’ve been messing around with various options for the UI presentation of the category feature – which I really want to make a multiple-categories-for-one-entry type – but still haven’t settled on one that seems to work with the least amount of calculation and processing involved. Of course, once I finish that, I’ll have to take a look at the whole issue of how to generate archives category-wise and how I’m going to manage the whole task of maintaining a cohesive structure if the user wants to maintain both periodic *and* categorized archives. Guess, I’ll have to take it a step at a time …

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