August 3, 2002

My friend Imthisham, who works with me, got married yesterday to another girl who works with us as well. Since this is sort of an in-house wedding for the company, everybody from work turned out at the wedding and as many services as could be provided from the company was provided – the music was provided by the head of the music department, the photographers were from the company and the wedding was videotaped by professional cameramen from the camera crew. I wouldn’t be surprised if the bride had been made up by the company’s make-up artist :p

I rarely go out and especially don’t go for functions that go on till late since I normally try to get up early for prayers but this was something that I had to attend since Imthi is somebody that I’ve known a long time – he was at the company when I first joined them and he still is there. He’s always been a good friend and an extremely helpful person. It was good to be out with about the only friends I have in Sri Lanka but after the festivities I feel kind of sad today. I don’t know whether I just miss the cheerful atmosphere or the camaraderie or whether all the questions about when I’m getting married (is that normal for even guys? I thought that in other countries only girls get asked that … :p) just makes me feel down … But it’s still early in the morning and I’m sure that the feeling will pass as the day progresses 🙂

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