August 15, 2002

Another couple of bugs squished in Blog :p Tyran noticed that the current date does not get displayed as bold when you make an entry unless you switch to a different month and back – I knew of this problem but was hoping nobody would notice it :p Ah well … fixed that yesterday and in the process created a new method to bold all dates with entries for the current month so that I can always call that method from anywhere – in case I find another such instance. In fact, I think I have already found a use for that procedure since I noticed later that the link to an older entry dialog’s calendar does not display dates in bold when there are entries for that day 🙁 Now that I’ve gotten used to that feature, it’s irritating when I find it missing :p Of course, since the link to older entries dialog is on a different form, I guess I will have to simply replicate the procedure on that form as well. Ah well … at least that’s another fix that somebody won’t have to point out to me 🙂

The other bug was something that Nigel had discovered a while back and had mentioned to me but I hadn’t been able to isolate the cause till yesterday. Turns out that if you have a Blog tag in the entry itself (the only two tags you can currently have in the entry are BlogExt and BlogImgDir) and the line with the tag is the last one in the entry, the last character of that line gets dropped. This was due to a bug in the original BlogExt tag parsing code which got replicated when I added BlogImgDir handling since I simply copied and modified the code – that’ll teach me not to copy in the future :p The funniest thing is that I received an e-mail (actually two e-mails <g>) from Tyran today about the same bug 🙂 Fortunately, it’s fixed and we can move on to the next bug … whenever it appears that is!

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