August 18, 2002

Ludlum’s current book that I’m reading “The Prometheus Deception” is indeed proving to be pretty good stuff. Maybe it’s not “hist best thriller yet” as one reviewer is quoted on the back cover – especially since that would make it his best thriller ever as he’s gone off this mortal coil. While I liked the last two books I read, “The Matarese Countdown” and “The Sigma Protocol”, they didn’t have the page turning quality that I was used to with some of the earlier Ludlums. But it’s back in spades with “The Prometheus Deception” 🙂 In fact, I was hard pressed to go to bed last night instead of continuing to read till “just the next chapter” :p I guess this is due to the fact that he’s at last got a conspiracy that I can’t predict in advance or maybe it’s just that he’s got a tangled relationship around the protagonist and two women – the first his wife who left him suddenly and the other a beautiful agent who entered his life just as suddenly. Whatever the reasons, I have a feeling that I’ll spend most of today reading 🙂

In fact, “The Prometheus Deception” is so good that it has almost brought back a bad habit of mine – reading ahead. At one time, it was so bad that I’d start a book, read the last page, skim back a few pages and then skim back a few more and so go on till I knew quite a bit of the story and then stop reading! This went on for quite a long time till I finally had to put an end to it by consciously forcing myself to read books from the beginning to the end and for a while it was really hard to do so! Anyway, I’m going back to my book, coding will have to wait till next weekend :p

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