August 17, 2002

Has it ever happened to you that you’d hear about a movie, look at the title or read a plot summary and then decide that it didn’t look too good and then later find that it was excellent and kick yourself for not watching it earlier? Seems to happen to me quite a bit – but with a slight twist in that I know that the movie would be good, buy the DVD and then can’t summon up enough enthusiasm to watch it after the fact :p “Bridget Jones’ Diary” was one such movie since I’d bought the DVD weeks (if not months) ago and then I didn’t watch it for the longest time and then found it to be excellent. Now the same thing has happened with “K-PAX”.

I like movies with Kevin Spacey since his acting is always top-notch but I never seemed to find the correct time to watch “K-PAX” since I always seemed to find myself in the mood for a mind-numbing action flick rather than a quiet contemplative movie like “K-PAX”. In fact, I was almost going to watch “The Replacements” again today instead of “K-PAX” but changed my mind at the last moment – and am extremely glad that I did so! It’s a great movie, some might find it a bit boring since there is no fast paced action but it is another one of those great human movies that make us think about what it means to be human and how we deal with the world and the people around us 🙂 The movie sets the mood (at least for me…) from the opening sequence itself – the music and the slow fading in of names as well as the opening shot itself sort of prepares you for what follows and the story never let down till the very ending. I loved every moment of it and am now looking forward to watching the movie again with the director’s commentary – but not just now since I’ll probably have to go in to work today to attend to a couple of things. But I guess I’ll watch the alternate ending before I do :p

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Blog 6.1 is finally out 🙂 Actually, Eddie over at BetaNews released it before I could announce it since I had the files all uploaded to the server yesterday itself and he asked me nicely and I said that he should :p I have to come home and do all the site changes etc. before I can make an announcement and so usually for me, a new release is a two day process – the first day I create the build, update the docs and upload it to the server from work and on the second day I announce it 🙂 Incidentally, the three people who tried out beta builds of 6.1 (that’s you – Jason, Tyran and Phil <g>) should not try updating their Blog setup using the installer. You should run the upgrade and extract the files to a different directory and then copy over only the TXT and EXE files – this is especially important if you’ve defined new snippets.

I’ve also updated the list of sites using Blog with a few new entrants and added a few more questions to the FAQ that might be helpful to somebody out there 🙂 Not that I see many people reading the FAQ, they seem to be content to simply shoot off an e-mail to me and wait for my response rather than to go do a little bit of reading. While I don’t mind helping people, I hate it when they don’t take the time to refer to the available resources before coming to me – so I’ve now started simply pointing people back to the FAQ if the question is answered there :p

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