August 19, 2002

The Ludlum was pretty OK till we got to the end and yes, I was able to predict at least part of the final twist though I went way beyond what Ludlum wrote in my predictions :p Guess I’m just too paranoid for the world of thriller writers <g> But one thing noticed was the similarity in the ending of this book, “The Prometheus Deception”, to that of “The Matarese Circle” since all the conspirators gather in a mansion that gets burned to the ground along with all of them. A very neat and tidy ending – too neat actually since I don’t believe that life works out that neatly. But I’m just nit picking :p One thing I did notice was that he sort of left off a hook for a sequel – something I don’t believe he’s done before – maybe he was learning from the money makers and that’s too bad. But then again, guess we won’t see the sequel now … unless he’s got a son who starts writing or something …

Since Blog 6.1 is out, I guess I should start work on Blog 7.0 now but haven’t got that irresistible urge to get going on a project yet. It’ll probably happen once I start work on it but I’m reluctant to start work at the moment since it seems so daunting – there’s a lot to be done on this release and I just don’t feel like taking on such a big job but then again, I think I feel like that all the time :p Ah well, as the White King said, let’s “begin at the beginning” 🙂

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