August 12, 2002

Another fairly busy weekend :p Had an office party Friday evening since five or six people are leaving the company and they wanted to cut costs by holding a joint farewell party <g> The party went on till late but I was tired by midnight and decided to get out – guess I’m getting too old for these shindigs :p Got home and got to bed around one o’ clock but had to get up again around six o’clock for prayers. Went right back to sleep after prayers and didn’t get up till around 9:30am 🙂 I was still recovering from the party though and I don’t think I did much except to read “The Eleventh Commandment”. If I feel this sore and lethargic after a night out where I did not drink, wonder how the ones who really drank beyond their limits feel the next day? Fortunately, my friend who tapped out last time and started puking wasn’t that drunk this time – in fact, I dropped him home before I got home 🙂

Sunday was again quiet. I begun a new Ludlum that I didn’t know was in my library since my brother had bought it while I was in the US. It’s called “The Prometheus Deception” and is billed as “the best Ludlum ever!” on the back cover. Not sure how well it stands up to the rep though since I haven’t even gotten beyond the first chapter yet. The reason I haven’t had much time to read was because I had to attend another wedding! It must be the season for weddings since my friend Imthi got married last week, I’ve heard of at least a couple of more weddings this week and then had to go for this particular one where our neighbour’s son was getting married. I went because my Mom wanted to go but didn’t have anybody to go with but didn’t expect anybody to be there that I knew but strangely enough, turns out that I know the groom :p No, I’m not being facetious here – though they are our neighbours, I’ve never seen the son since I was abroad when my parents moved in to our current house and by the time I came back, the son was abroad. So I’d never seen him before but I realized at the wedding that he had been part of a company which supplied computers to my former (and current) employer. Guess, it’s a small world after all 🙂

Somebody requested photographs from the last wedding. I would have taken some if I’d known anybody would be interested 🙂 Of course, this time I couldn’t take any since it was a stranger’s wedding (or at least I thought it was and didn’t take my camera :p) Maybe the next one – whenever that comes up 🙂

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