August 17, 2002

Blog 6.1 is finally out 🙂 Actually, Eddie over at BetaNews released it before I could announce it since I had the files all uploaded to the server yesterday itself and he asked me nicely and I said that he should :p I have to come home and do all the site changes etc. before I can make an announcement and so usually for me, a new release is a two day process – the first day I create the build, update the docs and upload it to the server from work and on the second day I announce it 🙂 Incidentally, the three people who tried out beta builds of 6.1 (that’s you – Jason, Tyran and Phil <g>) should not try updating their Blog setup using the installer. You should run the upgrade and extract the files to a different directory and then copy over only the TXT and EXE files – this is especially important if you’ve defined new snippets.

I’ve also updated the list of sites using Blog with a few new entrants and added a few more questions to the FAQ that might be helpful to somebody out there 🙂 Not that I see many people reading the FAQ, they seem to be content to simply shoot off an e-mail to me and wait for my response rather than to go do a little bit of reading. While I don’t mind helping people, I hate it when they don’t take the time to refer to the available resources before coming to me – so I’ve now started simply pointing people back to the FAQ if the question is answered there :p

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