December 31, 2002

While I can get a job done in any of the graphics editing programs – PhotoShop, PaintShop Pro or Fireworks to name a few – I’ve never been what you’d call a graphics person. I’m basically a dilettante who flits from one area of computer related stuff to another – graphics to 3D animation to web design and back but never stays with one thing except for programming :p However, I recently got some free PhotoShop tutorials for a couple of friends at work and then they asked me a few things about the tutorials and that got me searching for more tutorials and I suddenly find myself fully interested in graphics again 🙂 Of course, I have no idea how long this streak will last but I am tempted to actually utilize this interest this time and do a redesign of at least some of my sites and perhaps even go for variations on the same theme for the different mirror sites so that they can each be distinctive and yet retain a synonymous look. Will this happen or not? I really have no idea since I haven’t begun doing the actual work but at the moment I’m planning to :p

Speaking of work, I finally did get off my posterior and started doing some coding. I’ve been meaning to shift my development work to Delphi 7.0 for a while now because I hope that the toolbar problems in both Blog and BlogMan can be rectified in Delphi 7.0 and because Scope cannot be worked on under Delphi 6.0 if I’m running on Windows XP. The only reason that I kept on putting off the move to Delphi 7.0 was the fact that I would have to recompile a lot of the components that I use and also find Delphi 7.0 versions for the ones for which I don’t have the source. I decided that I’d put it off for long enough and finally did the move – at least as far as Blog and BlogMan are concerned. Scope is another story …

I discovered that I no longer have the custom addressbar component that I’d developed for Scope because the original addressbar component that I’d used was quirky. I did a full hard disk search and came up with two possible versions but now have no idea whether either of them is the correct one or if neither one is correct because they weren’t in the correct location. Ah well, I might have to go through doing the addressbar component all over again and I don’t even remember what I did originally. Plus, I still have to recompile one last component under Delphi 7.0 for which I didn’t have the source yesterday – I remember that being a problem under Delphi 6.0 and since I’m starting again from scratch for Delphi 7.0, that should prove to be a lot of fun too – oh joy, joy :p

In the meantime, I must say that I am not too impressed with the move to Delphi 7.0 either. A full compile of Blog used to take less than a minute under Delphi 6.0 but it takes several minutes now. I am not sure if that’s because this was my first run or not but I’ll have to do some further testing soon to see how long it takes. Plus, the final output file is slightly bigger in size! I am not too happy with these minor quirks and unless I find something on the plus-side to offset these problems, I may decide to stick with Delphi 6.0 for the time being – especially considering that I will have to stick with Delphi 6.0 anyway for some of my apps (like Nailer) which don’t have equivalent components for Delphi 7.0 yet …

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