December 5, 2002

I am really happy about how the RookSoft forums are progressing 🙂 Yesterday Jen and I were on it and there were five other people on the forums at the same time as us! And I’m even more glad to see that now people are helping each other and I wouldn’t even have known how to answer some of these questions :p And yes, that *is* my pic but lay off my hair will you? :p As for the question as to how you can have *your* pic as your avatar, it’s simple enough. Upload your pic (maximum 80×80 in dimension and less than 6k in size) to your website so that it can be accessed via a URL (such as and then simply log in to the forums, select the profile option, check the delete this image checkbox at the very bottom under your avatar if you have one selected, submit, then go back to your profile and type in the URL to your image where space is given under the avatar section, submit and you are done 🙂

I did quite a few new releases yesterday since I did a new version of BOB, a brand new release of Nailer and also another build of BlogMan 1.0 Beta 1. Yes, I know that this is like the third or fourth new build of BlogMan 1.0 Beta 1 but since there are no new features and Beta 1 is still very basic, I see no point in changing the beta version number 🙂 Greg tells me that this particular build does actually work with B2 except for a few problems. So we are making progress.

I’ve already received a few bug reports about the wizard in Nailer since it tends to be a bit temperamental on the second run – the settings you enter are saved in an INI file but it doesn’t seem to work just right on a second run. I will fix those things and release a new build of Nailer soon. I’ve also heard that the image selection dialog for Nailer does not appear even under NT4 (not just Win9x) and so I might have to do something different about that too. We’ll see …

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