December 30, 2002

I know there would have been some confusion with the site yesterday if you’d come over because you would have been in a constant redirect since the site would try to redirect you to itself :p Ah well, that’s all my stupidity :p What happened was that Jen became a hosting reseller and she was so sweet as to offer me free domain hosting and ask me to move in with her 🙂 So I took her up on her offer and set up as it’s own domain and moved all my files from Tripod over to What I had forgotten though was that the index page for Tripod is now a redirection page and I didn’t realize this till just now when I checked to see if the site was up. So hopefully, I should get that fixed as soon as I post this entry but there maybe some slight site anomalies for the rest of the day while I bring up to date. And if anybody wants to get their own domain hosted at a pretty low cost and have all the trimmings that they could want (PHP, CGI, mySQL etc.) you might want to go see Jen at her hosting place. And since a lot of people have been kind enough to provide me space over the years, I might be willing to host a few development related sites/blogs for anybody who might want a subdomain at as well – totally free but space would be kind of limited and so it would have to be a small site 🙂

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