December 9, 2002

Not much at all in the way of updates, coding etc. I’m afraid 🙁 I almost feel guilty about not doing much these days but there are periods when either personal life takes a hand in things or I just don’t feel the urge to work on something – this seems to be a combination of both those things and I hope that everybody who relies on me for the next version of an app or the completion of an existing app forgives me for my tardiness. Hopefully, I’ll get things sorted out and get back on track soon and we can all go back to enjoying the shiny software :p (OK that was to be a Kiki reference but then again you might not read Sluggy Freelance :p)

I have finally updated the list of sites using Blog (I had two lists as long as my arm to be included in there from about a month back) but it is possible that some of the sites I added are either no longer in operation or have shifted to some other software from Blog :p I also need to go through the list of sites and weed out the ones that are no longer there or no longer use Blog – ah, to have a dial-up connection which does not charge you by the minute or to have broadband at home! Oh well, no use thinking of what cannot be now, is there? I will eventually get around to cleaning up the list of sites using Blog but at least for the moment, it does include all the sites that *I* know of. If your site is not there (and you do have a Powered by Blog link on your blog) – do let me know and I will add it to the list.

Duane pointed out that some of the styles on the forum do not have the RookSoft logo – that is true. Only two of the styles contain the RookSoft logo and the others have their own individual logos. I need to sit down and change those and add some mods which would make life easier for everybody. Of course the problem with adding mods is that they have to be done individually for each style and some of the mods are customized for the default style and then you have to sit down and figure out how to change it to suit the style that you are applying it to. So it’s a lot of fun and a lot of time consuming work. Ah well, that too will get done eventually. In the meantime, I am (finally) considering paying for my own hosting solution due to the fact that it will allows me to have everything in one location without needing to bother anybody or to abuse their kindness. Of course, since I’ll have to do all the payments online, I’ll need to get myself a credit card and this will of course mean a delay of about a month while I get all that done :p But the good thing about having my own hosting solution would be that I can install myPHPChat and we can finally have that chat forum that people have been asking for and who knows, maybe we can even build a community around the whole RookSoft thing :p

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