December 13, 2002

Riding in the rain …

Yesterday had been overall a sort of a down day because of a variety of things but all of that disappeared in an instant when I left work in the evening. The reason? Rain! Rain you ask? Yes, rain 🙂 It was raining cats and dogs and I rode through it all! It’s a great feeling to have the rain slashing into your face, you doing about seventy or eighty on your motorbike and there being nobody on the roads! I was screaming at the top of my voice and composing a song about riding in the rain at the same time. It went something like “Riding in the rain, ugh ugh, Riding in the rain ugh ugh, Raindrops in your face, stinging like mace, Riding in the rain, ugh ugh!” :p Yeah, I know … stupid :p But it was a totally awesome experience and while I felt as if I would meet imminent death at times since I was swerving and weaving in and out between vehicles at times and splashing noisily and muddily through puddles at other times, I just loved the whole feeling. I should do it more often and simply forget about all the other stuff that goes on in life – the stuff that brings you down 🙂

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I did manage to get Schemer out the door yesterday – no page up for Schemer yet I’m afraid (but then again, there are no pages up for Snipper or MailCoder either …) but you can download it from the sidebar. Incidentally, Duane noted yesterday that the Download page is woefully behind on the latest downloads and that’s true I’m afraid 🙁 I have to add at least three or four releases (if not more) to the Downloads page before I am caught up. I will eventually do that but for the moment, the best place to get the latest software release from, is the sidebar.

I’ve been receiving lots of fixes, suggestions etc. for Blog and a fair number of requests for a new release of Scope as well. In the mean time, I continue to work away slowly at BlogMan but I’m also working on a few other projects. Things are a bit chaotic at the moment and I really have no idea which will see release first but I suspect that it will be either Scope or BlogMan. Then there is the eternally neglected PostMan which needs to be worked on too but I have a feeling that the Blog crowd will get impatient by that time :p I wish I could work on one thing without getting distracted and starting work on a completely new project but that’s the way I work and in the end I think I do come up with some useful stuff so I guess it evens out. Oh BTW, if you’ve thought I gave up on Solipsistic Meandering – you are mistaken :p I’ve started writing there again and actually made two entries on the same day yesterday :p

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