December 16, 2002

Sons and relationships …

I really hate talking about other people and/or washing my dirty linen in public but I guess sometimes you have to do what you believe is right and this is one of those moments. Jen has seen fit to comment on something which involves my son in response to something my ex-wife posted on the tagboard. Yes, Jonathan is not my birth-son but I’ve known him since he was about six months old and I am the only father he has ever known. I’ve seen him grow up to be a four year old and I’ve washed him, fed him, taken care of him, played with him and comforted him when he was sad or hurt. (OK, my ex- will say that I did none of these enough but the fact remains that I did do all of these things :p) Through all that time, I was the only father he knew and still I am the only father he knows and the fact that I am his Dad will never change because *he* considers me to be his father. The day that he says "you are not my father" then maybe it will change but even that I am not sure of because to me he probably will always be my son even if he doesn’t consider me to be his father.

So that might bring up the question as to why I left him if I consider him to be my son and he thinks of me as his father. I guess I can give many answers but none of them would really make any sense to anybody at all without all the background information and the background information cannot be given because it involves too many people and too many of their own stories that they might not be willing to have me reveal here. Suffice it to say that I felt that the reasons were justified at that time … But just because I left him does not make him not my son – he still is my son.

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Yes, I’ve been sidetracked again :p I decided to investigate how easy it would be to do a client-server app that would handle audio-video streaming. Basically to create an application which would allow two people to communicate using speakers, microphone and webcam without needing a server – as long as they know at least one person’s IP of course. It was supposed to be another one of my simple proof-of-concept type of apps just to see if it would work but it has become entangled in a whole heap of other technical stuff like COM and multithreading and TCP/IP based client-server architecture :p I am tempted to drop the project since it looks as if it’s going to take me a while before I can get anywhere with it but then again, I am reluctant to stop something once I’ve started on it. So I don’t know if I will still try to go ahead with it or if I will drop it and get back to work on my regular apps 🙂

Speaking of regular apps, I still haven’t done much with BlogMan. I do use it exclusively to publish to my Movable Type based blog, Solipsistic Meanderings, and haven’t even been to the site in a while 🙂 But while the app works fine for me under Movable Type, there are things in it that might not work so well for somebody using Blogger or B2. In fact, I still need to come up with some code to handle the title workaround the B2 uses with the Blogger API (sorry about the delay Greg <g>) Then I also need to add support for other blogging utilities that either support the Blogger API or the MetaBlog API. I know there are others who are anxious for me to get back to Blog (or PostMan :p) and I’ve been extremely sidetracked of late <g> but the only good thing is that several apps have come out of me being sidetracked :p In the end, I believe that you must do what you enjoy most and so I guess I will continue code (because I enjoy that) but I will also code what I find the most interesting at the moment – unless (of course there is always an unless :p) there is something impacting performance for a user of an existing app …

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