December 23, 2002

Hackers, viruses … what’s up with all this recent malicious activity? :p Now there seems to be a virus going around with my e-mail as the from address – or I might be getting bombarded with virus e-mails in the hope that at least one gets through :p Two of the messages were addressed directly to me and the other one was a returned from a mail server saying that the message was infected. Either way, if you do get an e-mail from me with attachments, do not open them unless I told you that I was sending you an attachment. I usually do not send an attachment to anybody unless we had discussed it and I’d gotten specific permission to send them an attachment. I just hate it when somebody uses my e-mail address to spread their viruses. Ah well, another joy of living in the global village I guess :p

I am still continuing to work on BlogMan. I’ve done some more bugfixes and removed a few annoyances that I’d come to be aware of as I continued to use it. I’ve also added a new feature to BlogMan that some may like but some may hate :p While it is possible to have multiple authors for a blog with Blogger and Movable Type, I have not seen either provide a facility for each individual user to have their own signature at the end of a post and so I added a new feature to BlogMan where you can define your own signature and it will be appended to the end of each post made by you 🙂 That particular feature seems to be working fine since Jen has already tested it out over at Solipsistic Meanderings.

I finally updated the Downloads page yesterday so that it is up-to-date and displays all the downloads that were missing from it and I also did some tinkering with the forums so that almost all the styles for the forums now display the RookSoft logo instead of their individual logos. Hopefully, I’ll have more time to devote to coding from tomorrow onwards since we are going to have the whole week off for Christmas but then again, you never know what will come up …

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