December 10, 2002

Not much in the way of coding again – Jen was interested in finding a pink Trillian Pro skin and there didn’t seem to be any good ones around. So I told her that the easiest thing would be to take the graphics for the default blue Whistler skin and change their color to pink :p Seemed like a good idea at the time but once she’d done it we discovered that while the skin did look good, it didn’t change all the UI elements to pink – there were still annoyingly blue bits around. So I decided to take a look at the skin and see what I could come up with. Now I’d done some messing around with the original Trillian skins and so delved into the XML files to see what I could do with the skin but what not many people seem to mention is that Trillian Pro does not use the XML file format – at least, I don’t think so. It seems to have all the skin settings in one INI file! It took me about half a day to figure this one out and once I did actually find where the settings were it was a much easier task to do the basic changes necessary to get a pink skin 🙂

Jen was pretty happy with the pink skin at this point but I wasn’t :p I wanted an all pink skin since the original Whistler skin was actually a combination of blue, the normal windows/buttons grey and white for the background of certain elements – but I wanted an all pink skin with different shades of pink. Yeah, I am a sucker of punishment. So I went about delving more into the skin structure and the graphics. I managed to get the other UI elements like the statusbar and the toolbar pinkified but then discovered that all icons still had a grey background. So I opened up the bitmaps containing the icons to discover that that was because they had a grey background in the bitmap! So I changed the background color for all the icons too. I finally have a respectable, all pink, dancing, prancing, eye catching pink Trillian skin … but there are a few anomalies – mostly because I suck at changing colors and being consistent :p Ah well, I guess I’ll get those sooner or later too …

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