December 6, 2002

Yesterday I wasn’t at work since my parents decided to go to the house in Kurunegala since today is going to be the Ramadan festival and they didnt’ want to leave early at dawn today – there just was too much to do. Since I don’t much like traveling by bus (and the buses are going to be jam-packed with long queues since everybody would be going home for the festival), I went with them (plus they sorta asked me to do so :p) I had brought my computer and my source code for a few of my apps with me because I knew I was going to be bored silly and missing Jen to boot.

I started on the Nailer source hoping to fix a couple of minor bugs that Duane had mentioned – one was that the local copy path *had to* have a trailing backslash or the files went to the wrong location and the other was that the wizard acted up sometimes on the second run and the Next and Previous buttons weren’t enabled properly. He had also mentioned that clicking on the Add dialog did not bring up the file selection dialog even under NT4 and not just Win9x. So I wanted to fix these things but I ran into a few problems as soon as I started on the source. I had worked on Nailer till then on my work machine and it turns out that I didn’t have some of the components that I used there, on my home machine. The most important was a folder browser dialog which had been supplied as part of some component set or other. Since I didn’t have that component set on my home machine, I wrote a routine to call the Windows API SHBrowseForFolder call. This is what I should have done in the first place since this would have been less resource intensive than using a component (at least I think so) but I’d been too lazy at the time :p

I then turned my attention to the truant file selection dialog. I could have added a simple file open dialog and solved the problem but I wanted a real picture open dialog which allows you to preview the images before you select them. The solution? I wrote my own custom picture open dialog derived from the file open dialog. This took almost the whole day since I ran into some problems with the image management library that I use but I finally had it working the way I wanted. Implementing the other two fixes for the bugs that Duane mentioned were pretty trivial indeed by comparison :p Of course, it’ll take till tomorrow for this build of Nailer to be actually uploaded since I am on dial-up here in Kurunegala and can only connect at 16.8 – ugh 🙁 So give me till I can get back to Colombo and the new build will be up!

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