December 4, 2002

Duane had a nice idea today – he asked me if I’d considered having a support team for my software. Since this is pretty much a free effort, I am hesitant to ask anybody for a firm commitment to provide support – because I know you will have to do it in your spare time and that might be better utilized in some other way … such as spending it with your family. Plus, sometimes a commitment brings expectations on both sides – the users (and I too probably to an extent) would expect you to be there when needed and you would expect gratitude for what you do :p Unfortunately, neither side sometimes get what they want. So I am hesitant to ask anybody to become part of a support team but if anybody wants to volunteer, I would not say no either. Of course, all of you are free to provide support on a if-I-am-there-I-will-do-it basis as we’ve been doing all along – this is I guess an effort to formalize it a bit more so that even if I am unavailable due to something or other, there is somebody else you might be able to go to.

Stuff is happening thick and fast (sort of :p) on the coding front. I did some fixes on BlogMan but heard from Greg today that nothing at all seems to go out from BlogMan when he either saves or publishes to a B2 server. Now both B2 and Blogger use the BloggerAPI whereas Movable Type (which is what I use to test) uses the MetaBlogAPI in my implementation of BlogMan. So I am beginning to wonder if my implementation of the BloggerAPI is broken. I’ll have to try publishing to my old Blogger account and see if all is well there. I also need to write some documentation for Nailer and put that out there for you all to use but since documentation is a bane of my life, you might expect some reluctance from me :p

BOB is one of those apps which crops up at the most unlikely times :p I often think that I am the only person who is using it and then somebody comes up and requests a feature or a change 🙂 I just heard from a user who wants to use BOB but finds the UI unresponsiveness during an upload (due to the way the Indy FTP components works) to be disconcerting since he’s not sure if the app has stopped responding or if it is still working. I told him that I’d try to get that fixed (at least as far as I can) and get a new build out today. This is actually a problem that I have with all apps using Indy components – it’s there in Blog as well but you don’t notice it most of the time due to the fact that most of the uploaded files are so small. I need to sit down and try to find a workable solution for it but I never seem to have the time…

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